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James T. Kirk
28 June 2020 @ 04:23 pm
This is an RP journal for James T. Kirk, currently active at betenoire_rp, treknobabbling and occasionally dear_mun and elsewhere. He's pretty much the opposite of obscure, but I know we all have our own views, so if you have any comments, questions, needs, feel free to ask or PM. Consider this an HMD/contact post, too: anon is enabled, comments screened.

Game: betenoire_rp
Canon point: Post-TOS, after serving as rear admiral for a bit (2269?)
Living: at the Trek house With: Uhura, Chapel ...?
Job: None. Affiliated with X-Men.
Other vital info:

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James T. Kirk
28 March 2011 @ 09:37 am
It occurs to me that someone here *might* be interested in reading background fic about my Jim Kirk. This doesn't come into play in all my RP, but it does inform my understanding of him. All of it came out of stuff I was exploring by roleplaying him, trying to reconcile all his different parts: Tarsus, the academic, the compassionate captain, the ladies' man. These outline a lot of what goes into him for me.

The Loneliness of Command. Adult. Warning: fantasy dub-con. Jim contemplates the choices that brought him to this place.

Doubles. Six people Jim isn't. My exploration of doubles, in canon and out. Warning for hints of selfcest and RPF, though it could be seen as abstract meta. It really only makes sense in the context of the game I was in, but I like a lot of what it says.

Balance. Adult. Warning: Vague talk of child abuse. Academy-fic. My version of what brought Jim from Tarsus victim to bookworm to... you know. *Jim*.

Getting There Sooner. Warning: Implications of child abuse. Jim returned from Tarsus not quite a child, but he's not yet the man he'll become.
James T. Kirk
14 February 2011 @ 11:28 am

» NAME: James T. Kirk
» FANDOM: Star Trek: The Original Series
» CANON POINT: Post-series.
» AGE: 36.
» GENDER: Male.
» ORIENTATION: Omnisexual
» COLLAR: Titanium; metal colored with black trim and padding.

» YES: I'm going to say most anything goes here. D/s (he's more subby, but we can negotiate), oral, anal, vaginal, threesome/moresomes, bondage, voyeurism/exhibitionism, pegging, toys, orgasm denial, slightly rough sex, mind control, cuddling/fluff, selfcest, nearly anything that doesn't result in permanent damage. Dub/non-con with him receiving.
I am equally okay with fade-to-black, vanilla, and kink.
» MAYBE: Anything I don't mention as a YES or NO may be okay in context--please ask, because I'm fairly willing.
» NO: Watersports, scat, ageplay. And Jim will never force anyone into anything unless under some influence.
» PAIRING PREFERENCES: Kirk/everyone. Okay, okay. Kirk/new experiences, Kirk/people, Kirk/emotional connection, Kirk/adventure, Kirk/flirting, Kirk/violating the prime directive. In all honesty, Kirk's my omni-ship.

Note: Given the amoutn of tl;dr in this post, narrative kink possibilities are here.

James T. Kirk
14 February 2011 @ 10:20 am
Note: Based on this list, these are things I particularly think might work well with Kirk as I play him, either as things to explore with or about him in roleplay. It doesn't mean I'm not open to any others; this represents a combination of my kinks, Kirk's, and my initial thoughts on what it's possible to do with him.

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James T. Kirk
16 November 2010 @ 06:58 am
Mostly for my own reference, so I don't lose track of stuff. Feel free to post and plot!

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James T. Kirk
05 August 2010 @ 09:14 am
Character Information
Name: James T. Kirk
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series

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James T. Kirk
08 July 2010 @ 06:50 am
Subject to change; I just want to throw this up here for anyone who's wondering who this new kid is.

Basically, I'm open to nearly everything. There's a list here that's pretty much accurate, but I'm open to almost anything IC.

Multiple partners, selfcest, D/s (with Jim subbing), blurring of power lines (top/bottom, etc), surprising me.

Cuddles, vanilla, bondage, oral, anal, vaginal, genderswap, toys (dildos, plugs, cockrings, etc), public sex, humiliation, voyeurism/exhibitionism, orgasm control/denial, spanking (etc), rough sex, roleplay, mind control, dub/non-con, coercion, pegging, masturbation, orgy/gang bang.

Characters with animal characteristics really depend on context/sentience/that sort of thing.
Light torture is probably okay. Stuff that happens in the normal course of things--various bodily fluids--okay.

Anything I haven't mentioned, free free to ask. I'm trying to get better at writing kink.

Watersports, scat, bestiality, pedophilia. And Jim will never force anyone into anything without mind-altering involved.

Jim is bi/poly-sexual, sex-positive, and up for nearly anything once. But he's more likely to sub than dom (we can talk about that, if you want) and equally likely to top or bottom. Jim is big on consent--he won't do ANYTHING without that unless something's gone wrong. However, that's not the same for me. I'm fine with dub- and non-con directed at him, and some amount of torture. And if you want some mirrorverse action, we can probably talk about that, too.

I love Jim-as-sub, but he (and I) respond best to something rich in character, not simply physical domination. He gets enough of that in a non-sexy context--to get the best response, Jim needs to be brought along, not just tied up and ordered. Now, that being said, I'm also open to torture, dub-con, etc--I'm just saying that if you're looking for a BDSM scene, Jim needs to be convinced to let go. Otherwise it's just like being kidnapped by aliens and he'll rebel.

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Backtagging: Totally. Any of my posts are open to tagging, whenever.
Threadhopping: Yup--feel free to ask first, if it looks dicey
Fourthwalling: Yes.
Offensive subjects (elaborate): None that I know of.